Monday, September 13, 2010


In approximately 9 hours I will stand in front of a group of young men and women to deliver my first lecture in formal education: Introduction to Programming, look out world here I come.  
Funny enough exactly one year ago I was convinced that this would be the last thing I would be doing.  Things rarely go as planned, my life anyway.

I'm excited and I know that if I say still long enough to examine this feat before me, I will feel the jitters that define nervousness but alas on the surface I don't feel nervous at all.  What I feel instead is fatigue and the first signs of a tension headache.  

Fatigue and headache, headache and fatigue don't matter though,  I'm still anticipating tomorrow's interaction, the bonds that will no doubt be formed between student and teacher, the lessons that will be taught and learnt on both sides.  I can imagine their faces when I smilingly let them know that I brought them each a present to commemorate our meeting; in the form of a quiz :).

Ah yes, I imagine that there will be no place like the classroom, the classroom, that is my life.